Dr Sadistik's Laboratory

infoData filling in progress (data presented here is actual real game data).

Arena created by Hostilum.

Doctor Sadistik's research and testing facility has been taken over by the Dahobul PVP League's fighters to make it their playground. But the doctor Sadistik did not stand idly by: it would appear that he has set vicious traps around his laboratory. It is even being said that he would be leading research studies on teleportation... After all, why saying no to new guinea pigs?

Playable game modes
Skirmish Regicide Skull

Waiting room
Guinea pigs room

While waiting to enter the main building, you will quickly be able to understand both why it is called the "laboratory", and why this room is named that of the "Guinea pigs". You will at the same time be able to meet the Dr Sadistik, whose name will still be to be explained...

Spawn points
10 spawn points in total.
Teleportation room
Small tower
Vaporization well
Main hall (corner)
Main hall (east room)
Isolated corner
Main hall (west room)
Big tower (top)
Big tower (bottom)