infoData filling in progress (data presented here is actual real game data).

Arena created by Hostilum and Roggnar.

Detention camp built following a famous time tried and tested standard, the gulag has been shut down and is now used for receiving the fighters for merciless battles, using all the equipment it has: guillotine, gallows, tank, missile launcher, watchtowers... A forest surrounds the camp and allows those in greatest difficulty to hide away in it and prepare their revenge.

Playable game modes
Skirmish Regicide Skull

Waiting room
Losers' corner
Spawn points
15 spawn points in total.
West watchtower
East watchtower
South-east watchtower
South-west watchtower
West shack
East shack
Satellite dish
Quarters' back
Forest (north-east)
Forest (south-east)
Forest (south-west)
Forest (north-west)