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Arena created by Hostilum and Roggnar.

Situated in the middle of nowhere, this luxurious hotel is shrouded in mystery: it is said that experiments would have been run on the neighbouring villages without further explanations. Afterwards, one day, the hotel found itself up into the sky. It has even been reported that an evil spirit is residing in the hotel itself! Despite those few (minor, we can admit it) inconveniences, the building is provided with a pool, a movie theater and even a club to ensure an optimal relaxation for its residents who, and this is a surprise, are only here to fight.

Playable game modes
Skirmish Regicide Skull

Waiting room
Spawn points
10 spawn points in total.
Louis Philippe's flower shop
Entrance hall (1st floor)
Movie theater
Maurice's Bar
Night club
Locker room
Pool (entrance)
Pool (ring)