infoData filling in progress (data presented here is actual real game data).

Arena created by Hostilum and Roggnar.

Right in the middle of a launch site, the fighters of the league have the opportunity to fight around, but also on and inside a ready to takeoff rocket. And speaking of takeoff, the presence of a bunker home to a control center suggests the possibility of a journey for the rocket's passengers... As for the fate of those who are outdoor during the takeoff, none of them came back to testify...

Playable game modes
Skirmish Regicide Skull

Waiting room
Spawn points
14 spawn points in total.
West terrace
East terrace
South canal
North canal
Rocket (nose)
Rocket (south-west chamber)
Rocket (north-west chamber)
Small shelter
Training center (ground level)
Training center (large classroom)
Training center (small classroom)
Umbilical tower (base)