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Arena created by atomot and Hostilum.

The Slaponastery is a good place for meditation and existantial reflections, but can also transform into a formidable arena when it is needed. The patio and its peristyle offer an idyllic setting for resting a little bit, be it for digestion or forever. A set of hallways and turns allows to attack your neighbor from the rear. It is also said that it would exist a place from which it would be possible to perform... dark rites.

Playable game modes
Skirmish Regicide Skull King of the Hill

Waiting room

While waiting to join the world of the living, you will have the opportunity to visit the Slaponastery catacombs, where those who stayed here for a long time are just skinless and bones.

Spawn points
11 spawn points in total.
Peristyle (Creeper bush)

This spawn point will make you spawn in the most plant-covered part of the Slaponastery, with a little enclosure home to a Creeper-shaped bush. You don't believe it? Then verify it from the upper floor.

Peristyle (cemetery)

This spawn point will make you spawn in the most living part of the Slaponastery, with a set of graves each bearing the epitaph of a player having contributed to the dahobulian history. One of the graves is empty, also.

Peristyle (fountain)

This spawn point will make you spawn in the most aquatic part of the Slaponastery, with a fountain surrounded by 4 benches. If you find yourself burning by any chance because of a little too surnatural oxeye daisy, this will be the perfect place to take a little emergency shower.

Peristyle (water tower)

This spawn point will make you spawn in the most rocky part of the Slaponastery, with a stone water tower home to a little well in its center. Before the tower was erected, this part of the peristyle was covered by flowers and tall grass.

Bar (main room)

The spiritual way followed at the Slaponastery doesn't prevent some breaks, gladly taken at the bar. Surprisingly, its turnover is for a long time at its lowest... (certainly because of the lack of clients... or of waiters?)


In theory, this room should only be for communing with yourself, under the aegis of a priest of the slaponastic order. But between an altar and a confessonal seeming to offer other ways than those of the penitence, and a song that can be heard although nobody is there to sing it (the cemetary is close, though), it is allowed to question oneself about the plausibility, or at least about the consequences, of the slaponastian way.

Library (main room)

The study of the slaponastian way also go through reading, practice the priests of the slaponastic order can give themselves to in this library. It contains a significant amount of knowledge, of which only the highest spirits can understand the most subtle essence.

Chat room

This little peaceful room is a good place for spiritual discussions, but also for the most vicious ambushes behind the low walls. It is also one of the two access points to the peristyle's upper floor. It is the only spawn point situated at the upper floor.

Office (north)

In order to work both on oneself as well as on the slaponastian way, an office has been set up to allow the priests of the slaponastic order to carry out their studies. But it seems that the office could allow to take other paths than the ones drawn by the slaponastian way...

Office (south)

Destinated to those who lost their bearings, an identical office has been set up in the other direction.

Discovered by a priest of the slaponastic order not so long ago, the existence of this location had been lost in the limbo of the time. With it were also lost its origin, and the reason of its construction...

7 hills in total.
Water tower

Defend the Slaponastery's water tower from the heretics who will dare to contest it.


Although 4 benches are surrounding it, and may invite to sharing, there is room for only one fighter here.

Creeper bush

This Creeper doesn't explode, but to not make it change its mind, you will have to ensure that nobody else than you enters the enclosure.


Defend the graves of illustrious (for the most part) fighters, in order to perpetuate their memories, but especially in order to perpetuate your place in the rankings.

Bar (main room)

A choice will have to be made between a round of drinks and a round of murders. Between being a bartender or a bouncer, the choice will be obvious.

Although several... subjects are impaled in this room, there is only one throne for whoever is intending to reign over here.

Library (main room)

Culture is like pride; the less we have, the more we defend it (and you will have to defend a lot).