Whomp's Fortress

infoData filling in progress (data presented here is actual real game data).

Arena created by atomot and Roggnar.

In the past, this legendary monument was home to strange creatures who used it as a military base for their king. Since the visit of a mustached hero there, the fortress lost its treasures and its inhabitants. But the Dahobul PVP League recovered the place as it was several years ago, and made it available to the fighters to allow them to tread the ground of this mythical fortress.

Playable game modes
Skirmish Regicide Skull King of the Hill

Waiting room
Caged island
Spawn points
9 spawn points in total.
Grass island
Starting point
Under the islands
Guard cactus (stairs)
Guard cactus (rotating platform)
Under the pole
6 hills in total.
Pole plateau
Granite block area
Under the islands
Stone island
Fortress' top