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A little bit of humour isn't harmful in a world of violence: fighters can attire themselves in ornaments as useless as indispensable.
But we'll make no bones, it's still funny to walk around with a bunch of hearths around ourselves.

Each ornament is a combination of two parts:
    - a lobby effect, periodically played when the player is at the lobby;
    - a fight effect, which is triggered when the player dies.

Ornaments are chosen outside games by using the command /dhpvp ornament ornament_codename.

Ornament list

In the lobby, confetti are regularly and festively thrown. When the player dies, a firework is triggered! Look on the bright side of life (or what's remaining of it).

Available from the outset.
Codename: festive

There is no lack of happiness and universal love. Be it in the lobby or at your death, you will never stop giving out hearts around yourself! Give love to your executioner.

Unlockable at level 20.
Codename: happy

Forecast your own weather with this ornament. In the lobby, storm clouds form around you; when you die, a lightning strikes your corpse! Be the rain after the calm.

Unlockable at level 30.
Codename: meteorologist
Unlockable with the title legendary player.
Codename: blazing
Unlockable with the title champion.
Codename: twinkling
Reserved for the League creator.