Riot Squad Officer pack

Made for those who want to make the rules in the arenas, this pack allows to move aside, both literally and figuratively, the compulsive fighters who would disturb the self-established order. The presence of a chestplate allow a proven efficiency. You are the law.

Amount Item Effect(s)/Enchantment(s)
Stick Knockback ⅠⅠ
Sharpness Ⅴ
Bow Punch ⅠⅠ
10 Baked Potato
4 Lingering Potion Instant Damage ⅠⅠ
Slowness Ⅰ 10 seconds
Nausea Ⅰ 15 seconds
20 Arrow
Amount Item Effect(s)/Enchantment(s)
Slot Item Effect(s)/Enchantment(s)
Torso Iron Chestplate