Juggernaut pack

If being hit is not a problem for you (or is, despite yourself, a habit), this pack will allow you to better more take the hits you will receive, and to easily weaken those who will approach you. But the weight of such power makes its user feel a permanent slowness (well, as we say, "with great shoulders come great damages").

Amount Item Effect(s)/Enchantment(s)
15 Cooked Rabbit
2 Green Bull Instant Health ⅠⅠⅠ
32 Tipped Arrow Weakness Ⅰ 10 seconds
Slowness Ⅰ 10 seconds
Slot Item Effect(s)/Enchantment(s)
Head Diamond Helmet
Torso Diamond Chestplate
Feet Diamond Boots
Special features
Permanent effect
Slowness Ⅰ.