What is the Dahobul PVP Arena? What do we do in there? How does it work? We tell you everything here!
  It's pasting time!

The Dahobul PVP Arena is a Minecraft server where PVP arena fights are held (hence the name).
Several players are put in a dedicated location specially created for the occasion , and fight each other in order to earn the most points, to win the game.

More information: General rules.

  I'm brawlin' it

Before starting a game, and after each death, players can choose an equipment pack in order to allow them to exterminate their opponents in the most efficient way possible.

  Set sail on the rankings

The more you play, the more you earn experience points. The more you earn experience points, the more you progress in the rankings and unlock ornaments. The deal is as simple as sticking an arrow in the League creator's head (and that's really easy).

  Enter the matrix

Choose the red pill and join the official Discord server of the League to enter the community of the Dahobul PVP Arena!