General rules

Below are listed the general rules shared among all game modes and arenas:

  • 1.
    Games are centered around PVP (Player Versus Player).
  • 2.
    The only internal game mode they are played in is the Adventure mode.
  • 3.
    The internal server difficulty is the Normal difficulty.
  • 4.
    Death is followed by a respawn at a random location in the arena after 10 seconds (some conditions modify this period). The experience bar shows the remaining time before respawn by its progressive filling.
  • 5.
    After 6 seconds without receiving damages, health regenerates at a rate of 5 points per second. The experience bar shows the remaining time before regeneration by its progressive filling. Beware, having the Weakness effect disables this automatic regeneration.
  • 6.
    Dropping objects is impossible (that includes inventory dropping when dying), unless under certain conditions (the oddball in the game mode of the same name, for example).
  • 7.
    Fire cannot spread or destroy blocks.
  • 8.
    When meeting certain requirements, achievements, the medals, are given individually to fighters. Depending on the game mode being played, medals and their effect on it may vary.
  • 9.
    By right-clicking on the back of a player with the dagger of the same name, it is possible to assassinate him. Assassinating a player paralyses him for a few moments and kills him instantly afterwards. It is possible to interrupt an assassination by killing one of the two players involved.
  • 10.
    Every fight-related event are relayed by chat and titles shown on screen.
  • 11.
    An announcer vocally announces (you guessed it) game starts and ends, as well as other game events such as obtaining certain medals.
  • 12.
    Playing games allows to earn experience depending on the score and eventual victory. Ornaments and titles are unlockable as the player progresses through levels.
  • 13.
    A plugin, developed by Atomot (the League creator), and a resource pack allow games to be played as described on this website.
  • 14.
    It is mandatory to accept resource pack downloading in order to access the server.
  • 15.
    Fair-play is at the center of every game and activity of the League; any harmful behavior (vulgarity, insults, threats, cheating, bug exploitation, games arrangements, etc.) will be heavily punished by the League. It may be subject to sanctions up to a permanent ban with results and statistics deletion.